Friday, June 21, 2013


Mom, Dad & Grandpa with some Army Air Corps pals
circa, 1944 just before or after their marriage.
(You can't quite see me yet, but I'm there, too!
One look at Grampa's face tells you.

Mom on honeymoon en route to LasVegas,
stopped at a gas station. It's Dad
--behind the camera--
You can see who she's posed with for this snapshot.
(Right Click for Enlargement)
That's his motorcycle with sidecar behind Mom.
Whoever the cowgirl is, it's not Carole
Lombard, but boy is she cute!

Mom's College Grad photo.
As my sister describes her:
"She was Class of 1938 valedictorian in high school and graduated Cum Laude at Brookings College in SD. On Fulbright scholarship she attained her Masters Degree with honors in Social Work at the University of Minnesota while raising two children as a divorced mother."

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